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Fire Sprinkler Shut-Off Tool + Wall Mount Kit

Fire Sprinkler Shut-Off Tool + Wall Mount Kit

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The QUICKSTOP Fire Sprinkler Tool and Wall Mount Kit includes one Commercial Fire Sprinkler Shut-off Tool and one Wall Mount Case. The Fire Sprinkler Tool Kit gives you the ability to securely mount your fire sprinkler tool in a visible area for quick deployment in case of emergency. Cases are typically mounted next to fire extinguishers or in sprinkler control rooms. When accidents happen with fire sprinklers seconds matter. That's why the QUICKSTOP Fire Sprinkler Shut-off Tool is the tool of choice for reducing water damage and protecting buildings across the world.

Only fire sprinkler tool on the market that stops 1/2 in. and 3/4 in. heads whether they are intact, damaged or completely sheared off
Quick, simple one-handed operation
Works on upright, pendant and sidewall fire sprinklers as well as recessed heads
Tested to hold 100% watertight up to 350 psi or 2400 KPA
Low profile wall mount case is ADA compliant
Lockout tags included to protect against vandalism and theft
Wall mount case label reads: fire sprinkler shut off tool

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