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1 in. Black Iron Square Flange Fitting (8-Pack)

1 in. Black Iron Square Flange Fitting (8-Pack)

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PIPE DECOR durable black malleable iron square flanges are made from the highest quality materials, perfect for DIY industrial inspired pipe projects. These patented fittings can be used to create all types of pipe furniture, smart looking hooks, curtain rods, shelving, bar carts, hanging racks, furniture pulls, and door handles - the list is virtually endless. Along with our wide array of traditional fittings, PIPE DECOR also offers additional patented fittings such as square caps and elbows, plus 5 and 6-way outlets that help you design even more unique creations. DIY pipe projects fit many different decor styles: steampunk, modern industrial, factory, French country farmhouse, vintage, retro, and reclamation decor. PIPE DECOR is a way to showcase your creativity while creating functional home decor pieces that last. Square flanges are for decor purposes only and not traditional plumbing applications.

Perfect for do-it-yourself furniture, lighting, clothing racks and shelving projects for home, commercial and retail spaces
Fittings come lightly coated with industrial grease to prevent rust; prior to building a project for home decor use, clean and seal your pipe and fittings
PIPE DECOR pipe and fittings come sticker free for easier cleaning
Seal pipe and fittings with polyurethane spray to protect it from rust and scratches or paint to match your decor
We recommend wearing gloves during the cleaning process, this will keep the oil from getting on your hands
For decor use only, not recommended for traditional plumbing applications
Actual fitting color is dark gray

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