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30 in. to 35 in. Expanding Doorway Flood Barrier

30 in. to 35 in. Expanding Doorway Flood Barrier

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Quick Dam Flood Gates block doorways from oncoming flood water. This steel and neoprene frame expands to fit multiple size doorways and seals off the doorway in just minutes, with no alterations or fixations needed. Ideal for property managers, businesses, hotels and more.

Easy to use, install, store and transport
Reusable, sturdy steel frame structure
Adjustable and expands to fit multiple doorway sizes
No fixtures or alterations needed
Provides flood protection up to 26 in. high
Tested and proven effective
Be prepared and keep on hand before storms arrive
Use for flood emergency protection, residential, businesses, property management, hotels, restaurants, retail, government, nuclear and many more

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