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35.5 in. x 47.5 in. Silver Raised Garden Bed

35.5 in. x 47.5 in. Silver Raised Garden Bed

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This easy-to-assemble sturdy Raised Garden Bed and Plant Holder by Pure Garden is the ideal way to start an at-home garden. Designed to blend into any landscape, this versatile planter helps to eliminate unnecessary labor, maintenance, and weeding by protecting flowers, plants, vegetables, and other garden varieties. Its durable galvanized iron construction stays in top-notch condition while safeguarding plants from their tops to their root systems during inclement weather.

This lightweight, portable outdoor planter box can be relocated whenever and wherever, from a front garden or backyard to a rooftop or patio
This garden bed, made to defy extreme elements without rotting in wet weather conditions, is more durable and stable than wood and plastic gardening alternatives
This planter box can protect root systems from extreme heat and frigid conditions, promote plant growth, and encourage healthy root development
Put this planter box around outdoor items you don't want damaged during landscaping, such as mail boxes, statues, light poles, and water features
Materials: Galvanized Iron Sheet
Dimensions: Assembled: (L) 35.5 x (W) 47.5 x (H) 12-inches
Color: Silver

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