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1.5 Qt. Herb Plant Lemon Thyme in 6 In. Deco Pot (4-Plants)

1.5 Qt. Herb Plant Lemon Thyme in 6 In. Deco Pot (4-Plants)

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Pure Beauty Farms proudly grows the favorite of all thymes, lemon thyme is great in the garden and the kitchen. It is easy to grow and although it looks like German thyme (or English thyme), it definitely tastes and smells like lemon. Use lemon thyme in any recipe that calls for lemon, including marinades. Lemon thyme grows vigorously, so you can trim back to keep neat and compact and enjoy the trimmings. The glossy green foliage is easily sheared into a tiny hedge if you are looking to create a traditional knot garden. Evergreen in zones 8 and 9. This is a really pretty thyme that our customers brag about for its vigor and size. Lemon thyme looks great in a pot.

Full sun is ideal, but plants can grow in part shade
Space 12 in. to 24 in. apart, depending on type. check plant tags to confirm correct spacing
Plants grow best in sharply-drained, slightly alkaline soil with a pH of 7.0, lime soil if needed, improve drainage and add lime by working limestone gravel into planting areas
Keep soil moist after planting until plants are well-rooted, once established, plants in beds survive on rainfall. in containers, irrigate whenever soil is dry mulch with limestone gravel or builder's sand to improve drainage and prevent root rot
Member of the mint family, thyme is native to Southern Europe and the Mediterranean with its gray-green leaves and pungent minty, light-lemon aroma, thyme is a staple in most every herb garden cooking with thyme adds vitamins A and C to dishes, which helps with vision and immune functions
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