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UVC Bacterial Disinfection Kit for Mini Split Systems

UVC Bacterial Disinfection Kit for Mini Split Systems

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The entire UV spectrum can wipe out or neutralize many microorganism species, preventing them from replicating. UVC energy at 253.7 nanometers provides the ideal germicidal effect. A combination of UVC + UVA is very effective at disinfection as well as odor removal.

Used to disinfect an air conditioning system, by halting any bio-growth on fan, coils and other surfaces, and related bad odors
Helps substantially to maintain a clean, fresh air conditioner system, improve the indoor air quality, extends life span, and reduces maintenance cost
UVC MINI KITS is best installed inside the supply vent with the light shining onto the blower wheel (which is prone to contain concentrated mold growth)
UVC MINI KITS are an innovative application of UV disinfect for wall-mount, floor-ceiling and cassette
50,000 hours+ expected LED life
Easy fit with simple installation

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